lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

Create your own situation

Hi pals... let´s do our first oral activity on the web, that´s what you have to do:
-Choose a classmate, the activity is going to be in pairs.
-Create a situation and a context in wich two people speak.
-Create a script with all the comments of each participant.
-Dramatize the script with your classmate and make a recording of your dramatization, you may use Vocaroo (by clicking here), a Web 2.0 based tool in which you may create a recording and generate automatically a link or an HTML embeddable code. After that write a comment with the URL code provided by Vocaroo and the name of the participants, you Phonetics II Teacher will evaluate your podcast and post it on the Blog Media Player.

Express your Ideas!

Hi Guys, according our last class about Phonological Processes of Connected Speech, you will have to answer the following question:
- You as Future English Teacher, what type of teaching strategies would you apply in order to develop your Students´s Oral Skills? Try to support your ideas.

Remember: This activity is going to be evaluated and the teacher will take into account the following aspects: Pertinence, Coherence, Participation and responsability!

Write your anwer here in the comments area!


lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009


This blog was designed for students taking the Phonetics 2 Course at UNEFM, in order to get the maximum level of advantages of web based strategies in the learning and teaching of the unit related to Phonological Processes.